Armin Hartenstein: MONTAN

Der Düsseldorfer Künstler Armin Hartenstein zeigt in der Mutter Ey-Straße 5 die Installation MONTAN. Im Zentrum erhebt sich ein aus Flächen zusammengesetztes Raumgebilde. Die zur Schaufensterseite des Galerieraumes hin geöffnete Form ist einerseits eine koloristische Setzung, andererseits kann sie als eine Art Architektur oder Landschaftsformation verstanden werden. Wie Satelliten ziehen um diese zentrale Erhebung herum […]

Opening Reception Hanakam and Schuller

Until the 3rd of August, we will be showing the current art project “Interface” by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller in Dusseldorf. At yesterday’s opening reception Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ullrich, director of the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, conducted a conversation with the Vienna-based artist couple. Aside from that the artists gave an introduction into their work by […]

Hanakam and Schuller in Düsseldorf

From the 25th of July to the 3rd of August, we will show the current art project “Interface” by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller in Dusseldorf. The opening on the 25th of July 2013 includes a discussion with Hanakam & Schuller lead by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ullrich, as well as a short presentation by the […]

Martin Schwenk in Schwaebisch Gmuend

From 14 June Martin Schwenk will be showing a solo exhibition at Museum Galerie im Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Martin Schwenk. Affentellerschraubenblockbaumbuster. 14 June – 1 September, 2013 Opening Reception Friday 14 June, 2013, 7 p.m. Galerie im Prediger, Johannisplatz 3, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Martin Schwenk in Dusseldorf

After our 2012 solo exhibition “Commander Mulroy” we now give a further insight into the work of Martin Schwenk in Düsseldorf. The clear and well-proportional space of the gallery at Mutter-Ey-Straße 5 will be a “walk-in display cabinet” for his few precise positings. CV Martin Schwenk… Martin Schwenk 10-21 April, 2013 Opening Reception: 12 April, […]

Martin Schwenk in the “Künstlerlexikon”

“Künstler – Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst” is a periodically published lexikon, which presents contemporary artists. Volume 100 has just been released, and it is dedicated to the Dusseldorf painter and sulptor Martin Schwenk, who we presented with a solo exhibition in spring 2012, and who had a simultaneous exhibition at Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld. […]

Marcela Böhm – Open Water

Starting on 28 September German-Argentinian painter Marcela Böhm shows her new work at Obrist Gallery. Titled OPEN WATER paintings and drawings are to be seen, which deal with the theme “humans and water”. In her very own handwriting Böhm creates new and unsighted pictures about this existential relation. A catalogue has been published. Press Release […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 3

CATALOGUE 7/9/2012 -22/9/2012 shows KOKOMO, series of scanned objects, arranged together in an island-like setting. KOKOMO entitled a 1988 song by the Beach Boys, in which they describe Kokomo as an utopian island paradise located in the Bahamas. The artists play with this narrative structure of an imaginary geographic spot and turn it into -on […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 2

In the focus of the second part of the exhibition series CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schüller is the short film INVASION, which lately was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012. Here is the trailer: There is a whole body of theoretical reflection about apparatus in cinema theory that […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 1

Yesterday was the opening reception of the first part of the exhibition CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller. Main work of this exhibition is the installation “White Cube with Sprinkles”, more than the half of the gallery floor is covered with sugar sprinkles. In addition to it two video works, one large-size drawing and […]

CATALOGUE by Hanakam and Schuller

Starting on 24 August the Vienna based artist couple Hanakam & Schuller show a spectrum of their work in our gallery, titled CATALOGUE. This will not only be one, but three exhibitions, which will occur one after another, week by week. Each part introduces another work category and group of themes: Accordingly the gallery appears […]