Following our recent Martin Schwenk exhibition, with Armin Hartenstein we present another highly topical sculptor position, despite the fact, that Hartenstein assesses himself as a painter. But this description falls too short: The large-format works take a look at a rock formation in a very sculpural way. The rock formation is separated from its environment, the outline of the work is identical to the shape of the rock formation, the picture carrier is three-dimensional in different directions. And even the manner of painting gives the illusion of three-dimensionality.
In his series “Mes Amis de Emmanuel Bove” he deforms small found fragments of plywood, cardboard, linoleum, plastic and other materials, breaks pieces off, adds others. At the same times he paints and draws landscapes onto the workpiece, which is accomplished in an open dialogue between painting and sculptoring. In this middle position Armin Hartenstein permanently questions the essentials of both art forms.

CV Armin Hartenstein

Armin Hartenstein. Havary.
26 May to 30 June, 2012