Double Exhibition with Armin Hartenstein and Martin Schwenk

The focus of our double exhibition is the dialogue between painting and sculpture: The pictures of Armin Hartenstein meet the plastic works of Martin Schwenk. The Dusseldorf based artists are comparable in their metaphorical view on landscape and nature. Their works are manifests of the unfinished, visualizing the process of its formation. With this exhibition […]

EDGES with Bodo Korsig, Jürgen Paas und Dirk Salz

In our exhibition EDGES installations of Jürgen Paas enter into dialogue with reliefs of Bodo Korsig and paintings of Dirk Salz. In the context of the exhibition the two last mentioned artists will be shown for the first time in our gallery. Bodo Korsig, Jürgen Paas and Dirk Salz have been shown frequently in international […]

Dieter Kränzlein and Till Augustin

From the 6th of September to the 5th October Galerie Obrist is exhibiting selected pieces by the two renowned sculptors Dieter Kränzlein and Till Austin. The artists use materials that appear static, solid and motionless by nature. Nevertheless, both artists succeeded in inverting the properties of the materials and turned them into light, flexible and […]

Dieter Kränzlein / Till Augustin (2013)

DIETER KRÄNZLEIN | TILL AUGUSTIN 8 September – 5 October, 2013 Opening Reception: Friday, 7 September, 2013, 19 Uhr Posts on this exhibition CV Dieter Kränzlein CV Till Augustin

Dieter Kränzlein: Arbeiten in Stein (2010)

DIETER KRÄNZLEIN | ARBEITEN IN STEIN Ausstellung 8. Mai – 19. Juni 2010 Eröffnung am Freitag, 7. Mai 2010, 19 Uhr Seit mehr als 10 Jahren arbeitet die Galerie mit dem Stuttgarter Bildhauer Dieter Kränzlein zusammen, und hat sein Schaffen immer wieder in Einzelausstellungen und Messepräsentationen gezeigt. Seit der letzten Ausstellung in 2008 sind eine […]

Dieter Kränzlein: Ausgewählte Arbeiten (2008)

Dieter Kränzlein: Ohne Titel (2008) DIETER KRÄNZLEIN – Ausgewählte Arbeiten. Ausstellung vom 4. April bis 24. Mai 2008 Ausstellungseröffnung und Book Release: Freitag, 4. April 2008, 19 Uhr Skulpturen und Wandarbeiten aus Muschelkalkstein stehen im Fokus unserer kommenden Ausstellung. Im Rahmen der Einzelausstellung mit Dieter Kränzlein wird dabei auch ein neues Buch über den Stuttgarter […]

Dieter Kränzlein: Neue Skulpturen (2005)

Dieter Kränzlein: Ohne Titel (2001). 9 Tafeln, Mooser Muschelkalk, gefärbt, je 60x60x2-5cm, gesamt 200x200x5cm 18. März – 9. April 2005 DIETER KRÄNZLEIN NEUE SKULPTUREN Vernissage: 18. März 2005, 19 Uhr Muschelkalkstein verlangt der Bildhauerei eine gewisse Kompaktheit der Form ab: Der Stein ist brüchig und spröde, und kann schon von daher nicht zu weit ausladenden […]

Martin Schwenk in Schwaebisch Gmuend

From 14 June Martin Schwenk will be showing a solo exhibition at Museum Galerie im Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Martin Schwenk. Affentellerschraubenblockbaumbuster. 14 June – 1 September, 2013 Opening Reception Friday 14 June, 2013, 7 p.m. Galerie im Prediger, Johannisplatz 3, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Martin Schwenk in the “Künstlerlexikon”

“Künstler – Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst” is a periodically published lexikon, which presents contemporary artists. Volume 100 has just been released, and it is dedicated to the Dusseldorf painter and sulptor Martin Schwenk, who we presented with a solo exhibition in spring 2012, and who had a simultaneous exhibition at Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld. […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 3

CATALOGUE 7/9/2012 -22/9/2012 shows KOKOMO, series of scanned objects, arranged together in an island-like setting. KOKOMO entitled a 1988 song by the Beach Boys, in which they describe Kokomo as an utopian island paradise located in the Bahamas. The artists play with this narrative structure of an imaginary geographic spot and turn it into -on […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 2

In the focus of the second part of the exhibition series CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schüller is the short film INVASION, which lately was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012. Here is the trailer: There is a whole body of theoretical reflection about apparatus in cinema theory that […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 1

Yesterday was the opening reception of the first part of the exhibition CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller. Main work of this exhibition is the installation “White Cube with Sprinkles”, more than the half of the gallery floor is covered with sugar sprinkles. In addition to it two video works, one large-size drawing and […]

CATALOGUE by Hanakam and Schuller

Starting on 24 August the Vienna based artist couple Hanakam & Schuller show a spectrum of their work in our gallery, titled CATALOGUE. This will not only be one, but three exhibitions, which will occur one after another, week by week. Each part introduces another work category and group of themes: Accordingly the gallery appears […]

Press Release on Hanakam and Schuller

Pressemitteilung Hanakam Schuller 2012 als PDF Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 PDF (German Language) Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 at openPR (German Language) CV Hanakam Schuller Hanakam Schuller: Catalogue. Aug. 08.- Sep. 22, 2012. Opening Receptions: Aug 24, Aug. 31, Sep. 07, 7 p.m.

Armin Hartenstein – Havary

Following our recent Martin Schwenk exhibition, with Armin Hartenstein we present another highly topical sculptor position, despite the fact, that Hartenstein assesses himself as a painter. But this description falls too short: The large-format works take a look at a rock formation in a very sculpural way. The rock formation is separated from its environment, […]

Opening Reception Armin Hartenstein on Friday

We cordially invite you to our upcoming Opening Reception with ARMIN HARTENSTEIN, Friday, 25 May, 2012, 7 p.m., introduction by Bernd Ruzicska. Titled HAVARY we show new works by the Dusseldorf based artist. Our exhibition contains large-size reliefs, which seem to be pictorial models of fictional landscapes, and works from the small-sized series “Mes Amis […]

Book on Martin Schwenk just arrived

The book on Martin Schwenk published by Kerber is now available in the gallery. – On 120 pages the “cabinet of wonder” of Martin Schwenk has been opened with numerous large-format illustrations, supported by well-informed and worth reading articles on his work: Martin Schwenk. Home Grown. 18 March to 18 August 2012, Museum Haus Lange, […]

Hanakam Schuller in August

Starting in August the gallery presents for the first time an exhibition of the Vienna based artist couple Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller. Hanakam Schuller have studied in the class of Erwin Wurm, and already had shows all over the world. Lately their short film INVASION (2010) was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan […]

Bilder zur Ausstellung Dieter Kränzlein

Gestern abend, 7. Mai, war die Ausstellungseröffnung “Dieter Kränzlein: Arbeiten in Stein”. Zahlreiche Besucher freuten sich über ein Wiedersehen mit dem Stuttgarter Künstler und seinen Werken. Die Bilder geben einen Eindruck von der Ausstellung vor Beginn der Eröffnung. Dieter Kränzlein wurde 1962 in Stuttgart geboren, machte eine Ausbildung zum Steinbildhauer, und kam 1985 zu dem […]