Dieter Kränzlein and Till Augustin

From the 6th of September to the 5th October Galerie Obrist is exhibiting selected pieces by the two renowned sculptors Dieter Kränzlein and Till Austin. The artists use materials that appear static, solid and motionless by nature. Nevertheless, both artists succeeded in inverting the properties of the materials and turned them into light, flexible and rhythmical appearing objects. This achievement is always based on a very complex and elaborate working process, which at the same time constitutes the basis of the dialogue between the two artists.
For the first time, Dieter Kränzlein presented in the context of this exhibition his newest series: The innovative resin sculptures are made from casts taken from his well-known limestone-sculptures, which are included in the exhibition as well. The works are characterized by their translucent nature, which in interaction with light alludes to ice crystals or glacier water. The artist from Stuttgart is now presenting his work for the 6th times in cooperation with Galerie Obrist. Furthermore, his work has already been displayed at numerous international exhibitions and fairs.
Till Augustine is best known for his elaborate steel sculptures and has been part of the European art market for more than three decades now. His works are created out of an autodidactic process, in which he turns the robust material, welds it and often transforms it by cutting sharp edges into the form. The result shows that his objects have overcome the initial material properties and has become a flowing, new form.

7 September – 5 October, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, 7 September, 2013, 19 Uhr

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