In the focus of the second part of the exhibition series CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schüller is the short film INVASION, which lately was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012. Here is the trailer:

There is a whole body of theoretical reflection about apparatus in cinema theory that could also be passed on photography. INVASION focusses on this wondrous and magical, but also ideological machine that produces a narration about reality as well as it is narration itself.
The film will show an partly absurd, partly reconstructed equipment, whose design is following descriptions and woodcuts of the compendium “The History and Practice of the Art of Photography; or the Production of Pictures through the Agency of Light” (1849).
The scene shows various movements and settings in handling the apparatus. A male Voice Over accompanies the scene. The atmosphere is similar to the genre of Science Fiction, where the machine becomes a crucial part of the story; it turns into a character among others.

CV Hanakam Schuller

Hanakam Schuller: CATALOGUE.
CATALOGUE 24/08/2012-29/08/2012
CATALOGUE 31/08/2012-05/08/2012
CATALOGUE 07/09/2012-22/09/2012
Opening Receptions: Aug 24, Aug. 31, Sep. 07, 7 p.m.