Exhibition Julia Willms

Until 24 August, 2013, we show the exhibition A WORLD by Julia Willms and Andrea Bozic. In the center of the Essen exhibition is the work “The Avantgarde Never Gives Up”. Julia Willms: A World. 21-29 June, 2013 Galerie Obrist@EY5, Mutter Ey-Straße 5, 40213 Düsseldorf 29 June – 24 August, 2013 Galerie Obrist, Kahrstraße 59, […]

Julia Willms: A World (2013)

Julia Willms: A World. 21. – 29. Juni 2013, Eröffnung: 21. Juni 2013, 18 Uhr Galerie Obrist@EY5, Mutter Ey-Straße 5, 40213 Düsseldorf 29. Juni – 24. August 2013, Eröffnung: 28. Juni 2013, 19 Uhr Galerie Obrist, Kahrstraße 59, 45128 EssenJulia Willms: A World. 21 – 29 June, 2013, Opening Reception: 21 June, 2013, 6 p.m. […]

Exhibition Julia Willms in June

In a two-part exhibition we show work by Amsterdam based artist Julia Willms: At EY5 Dusseldorf we present the audio installation “A WORLD”, which has been conceptualized together with Andrea Bozic. – Again the gallery space is subject to a radical inquiry. On the occasion of the Opening Reception Sabine Maria Schmidt, curator at Kunsthalle […]


Link zum Kunstraum NOEHanakam & Schuller and Julia Willms will be participating in the group exhibition “Elastic Video” at Kunstraum Niederösterreich in Vienna. The project was initially shown at the institution Tokyo Wonder Site at Hongo, Tokio, in 2011. It was one of three awarded exhibition projects of the „Emerging Artists Support Program“, which is […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 2

In the focus of the second part of the exhibition series CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schüller is the short film INVASION, which lately was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012. Here is the trailer: There is a whole body of theoretical reflection about apparatus in cinema theory that […]

Hanakam & Schuller: CATALOGUE, part 1

Yesterday was the opening reception of the first part of the exhibition CATALOGUE by Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller. Main work of this exhibition is the installation “White Cube with Sprinkles”, more than the half of the gallery floor is covered with sugar sprinkles. In addition to it two video works, one large-size drawing and […]

CATALOGUE by Hanakam and Schuller

Starting on 24 August the Vienna based artist couple Hanakam & Schuller show a spectrum of their work in our gallery, titled CATALOGUE. This will not only be one, but three exhibitions, which will occur one after another, week by week. Each part introduces another work category and group of themes: Accordingly the gallery appears […]

Press Release on Hanakam and Schuller

Pressemitteilung Hanakam Schuller 2012 als PDF Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 PDF (German Language) Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 at openPR (German Language) CV Hanakam Schuller Hanakam Schuller: Catalogue. Aug. 08.- Sep. 22, 2012. Opening Receptions: Aug 24, Aug. 31, Sep. 07, 7 p.m.

Hanakam Schuller in August

Starting in August the gallery presents for the first time an exhibition of the Vienna based artist couple Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller. Hanakam Schuller have studied in the class of Erwin Wurm, and already had shows all over the world. Lately their short film INVASION (2010) was awarded as “Jury Selection Work” at Japan […]

Julia Willms: Here And Now (2011)

Julia Willms shows new works, including three audiovisual space installations, digital collages and drawings. In her work Willms continuously deals with the perception of space, and faces the viewer with irritations, which question his construction of reality. Julia Willms (*1974 in Wilmhelmshaven) studied Media Art with Prof. Bernhard Leitner in Vienna. 2009 she was honoured […]

Ausstellung Julia Willms verlängert

HERE AND NOW, die aktuelle Ausstellung von Julia Willms ist verlängert bis einschließlich Mittwoch, 6. April 2011. Im Kabinett sind aktuell herausragende Arbeiten von Bernhard Schultze zu sehen, einem der wichtigsten Vertreter des deutschen Informel. Insgesamt zeigen wir 6 Arbeiten des 2005 verstorbenen Künstlers, darunter auch zwei Bilder in Öl auf Leinwand.

Tomorrow Opening Reception with Julia Willms

Here is a preview of the audiovisual space installation “Home” by Julia Willms, which we will show in our upcoming exhibition. “Home” Double Click to start… More about Julia Willms Julia Willms: Here and Now. Audiovisual space installations. Feb. 12 – March 19, 2011 Opening Reception: Friday, 11 Feb., 2011, 7 pm