Collector’s Lounge 2024

Collector’s Lounge 2024
Ilka Helmig, Siegfried Kreitner, Jürgen Paas, Dirk Salz, Annette Sauermann
July 20 – August 24, 2024
Opening July 19th, 7pm

Ilka Helmig, who can also be seen in the Grugapark glass pavilion from July 27th, shows new installation drawings in the gallery . Siegfried Kreitner is in our gallery for the first time with his precise and technical-looking sculptures. Annette Sauermann presents new LIGHT TRANSFORMERS. There are also Jürgen Paas and Dirk Salt can be seen with brand new works.
In recent years it has become a rule: we present the Collector’s Lounge once a year. We show outstanding works by artists from the gallery, but also new things that particularly caught our eye at exhibitions or at recent art fairs. This gives you a look at the gallery’s past and future exhibition projects. You see a diverse and multifaceted portfolio in which rich discoveries can be made.