Press Release Julia Willms

Utopia of the art space In a two-parted exhibition media artist Julia Willms presents current works from 21. to 29. of June at EY5 in Düsseldorf and from the 29. of June to 24. of August at Obrist Gallery in Essen. Entitled „A World“ the exhibition shows works, which were created in collaboration with choreographer […]

Press Release Wiebke Bartsch

Munster based artist Wiebke Bartsch shows her new solo exhibition „I Could Barely Understand Myself“ at Galerie Obrist until 15 June. With her paintings, drawings and plastic works Bartsch is concerned with questions of identity, role models, physicalness and sexuality, which she comments laconically, often with a humorous punchline. Vollständige Pressemitteilung auf OpenPR Wiebke Bartsch: […]

Press Release Jürgen Paas

German artist Jürgen Paas is known to a broader audience by numerous national and international exhibitions. Titled SPUTNIK he soon will be showing his new work in a two-part exhibition. At Obrist Gallery in Essen a cross-section of his current work is to be seen, and the new Dusseldorf branch of the gallery EY5 will […]

Marcela Böhm – Open Water

Starting on 28 September German-Argentinian painter Marcela Böhm shows her new work at Obrist Gallery. Titled OPEN WATER paintings and drawings are to be seen, which deal with the theme “humans and water”. In her very own handwriting Böhm creates new and unsighted pictures about this existential relation. A catalogue has been published. Press Release […]

Press Release on Hanakam and Schuller

Pressemitteilung Hanakam Schuller 2012 als PDF Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 PDF (German Language) Press Release Hanakam Schuller 2012 at openPR (German Language) CV Hanakam Schuller Hanakam Schuller: Catalogue. Aug. 08.- Sep. 22, 2012. Opening Receptions: Aug 24, Aug. 31, Sep. 07, 7 p.m.

Pressemitteilung und Booklet zu Michael Goller

Unter dem folgenden Link ist die aktuelle Pressemitteilung zur Ausstellung von Michael Goller (6. Juni bis 11. Juli) zu finden: Rechtzeitig zur Ausstellungseröffnung erscheint ein Booklet mit einem Teil der Bilder, die in der Ausstellung zu sehen sein werden. Die Vorabversion als PDF ist unter folgendem Link abzurufen: Ausstellungsbooklet Michael Goller