Utopia of the art space
In a two-parted exhibition media artist Julia Willms presents current works from 21. to 29. of June at EY5 in Düsseldorf and from the 29. of June to 24. of August at Obrist Gallery in Essen. Entitled „A World“ the exhibition shows works, which were created in collaboration with choreographer Andrea Bozic. In their exhibition Willms and Bozic esthetically put focus on the perception and reflection of art spaces. By exploring, modifying and alienating the reception of these spaces the two artists show ingeniously those layers of an artwork, which regularly are ignored by traditional art perception.

At first Julia Willms displays in Düsseldorf once again an analysis of the reality levels within the White Cube. “A World” is an audiovisual room installation, in which the artist confronts her audience with fragments of an utopian system. After specifying the individual parts of the utopia, the proposal is inverted. Therefore the audience is confronted with a solely auditive mediated utopia – a paradox situation, that irritates and at the same time stimulates.
In the following exhibition in Essen the focus is set on the video installation „Tensiontest” and further the audiovisual room installation “The Avantgarde Never Gives Up”. Considering the video installation, the observers sight is drawn into a fragile system of a rhythmical formation of bubbles. At the same time the tension and expectation increases due to the random popping of bubbles, that fill the dark space in which the sensitive grid appears to be floating in. With “The Avantgarde Never Gives Up” the artist modifies the artistic work process by altering the singularity of the originator and thereby offers a new perspective on the creation process.
“A World” is the fourth exhibition by Julia Willms in cooperation with Obrist Gallery. The artist from Wilmhelmshaven studied media art under Prof. Prof. Bernhard Leitner in Vienna. In 2009 she received the START scholarship for Video and media art of the BMUKK, Austria and displayed her artwork on international level, such as in Vienna, Brno and Leeds.
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Julia Willms: A World.
21 - 29 June, 2013, Opening Reception: 21 June, 2013, 6 p.m.
Galerie Obrist@EY5, Mutter Ey-Straße 5, 40213 Düsseldorf
29 June - 24 August, 2013, Opening Reception: 28 June, 2013, 7 p.m.
Galerie Obrist, Kahrstraße 59, 45128 Essen