Thomas Zika and Henri Cartier-Bresson

On Friday, September 3rd, from 7 p. m. we will give a preview of the autumn of 2010 in the gallery under the title *preview*. We’re opening our new “Collector’s Lounge” with a real sensation: we’re showing 13 original photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, including vintages and real rarities. There are portraits of Marilyn Monroe, de […]

Exhibitionbooklet “Gezeichnet, gepixelt, gedruckt.”

All works of the current exhibition can be found in the following booklet, enjoy browsing: Open publication – Free publishing The opening last Friday was very crowded in spite of holidays and heat. More than 200 visitors came and heard the greeting of Torsten Obrist and the excellent introduction of the curator Dr. Heike Baare. […]

Today exhibition opening: “Gezeichnet, gepixelt, gedruckt”

Seven artists from different fields of applied graphics and illustration will be exhibiting together for the first time at GAM. They all studied with Prof. Otto Näscher at the Folkwangschule in Essen at the beginning of the 1990s, and today they have received national and international awards for their work. At the opening this evening, […]

A touch of Hollywood. . .

The works of Katrin Assmann and Christian Schellewald, who recently arrived at GAM, have come a long way. . The Essen-born live today in California, near Hollywood. Both attended Prof. Otto Näscher’s drawing class at the Essen Folkwang School. The trained illustrator Christian Schellewald is Art Director of the animation studio Dreamworks in Los Angeles. […]

Essen als Metropole der Illustrationskunst

Ab dem 24. Juli 2010 zeigen wir unter dem Titel “Gezeichnet, gepixelt, gedruckt” eine Werkauswahl von Zeichnern und Illustratoren, die sich national und international erfolgreich mit ihrer Zeichenkunst behaupten. Katrin Assmann, Martin Baltscheit, Gaby van Emmerich, Jamiri (Jan-Michael Richter), Helge Jepsen, Christian Schellewald und Rainer Stock sind in unterschiedlichsten Sparten der angewandten Grafik tätig. Ihre […]