BlinkyBlinky by Jürgen Paas

The recollection of modern icons occupies contemporary artists everywhere. With his new series BlinkyBlinky Jürgen Paas reflects on the work of legendary Blinky Palermo, who himself is hardly classifiable, and who always had winking references to the history of art in his work. More about Jürgen Paas Jürgen Paas. BlinkyBlinky. 5 September – 17 October, […]

Double Exhibition with Armin Hartenstein and Martin Schwenk

The focus of our double exhibition is the dialogue between painting and sculpture: The pictures of Armin Hartenstein meet the plastic works of Martin Schwenk. The Dusseldorf based artists are comparable in their metaphorical view on landscape and nature. Their works are manifests of the unfinished, visualizing the process of its formation. With this exhibition […]

Drawbacks Of The Skylines

German-Argentinian painter Marcela Böhm has become popular with her society and people scenes. With her individual style she characterized people of her direct surroundings in unconventional situations. Now she has turned her hand to the city theme, herself born in megacity Buenos Ayres. She does not show us panoramas in the literal sense of the […]

Marcela Böhm. City And People.

Obrist Gallery shows new works by Buenos Ayres born artist Marcela Böhm. Urban pictures have become an important subject for her, and we have the pleasure to present several of these pictures for the first time in our exhibition. Marcela Böhm. City And People. 9 May – 13 June, 2015 Opening Reception Friday, 8 May, […]

Detlef Orlopp – Photography.

At the same time to his upcoming exhibition at Museum Folkwang Obrist Gallery shows works by German photographer Detlef Orlopp (*1937). Orlopp was a student of Otto Steinert in Saarbruecken, and he moved with Steinert to Folkwangschule Essen in 1959. Nevertheless he is only partly a supporter of Steinert’s “Subjektive Fotografie”, because of its formative […]

Exhibition with Dieter Nuhr

“Each form has its own means of expression. With language I can be ironic, but through the pictorial language the world seems more serious to me.”, says well-known humorist Dieter Nuhr about the two great creative poles in his life. Beyond the stage world he devotes his time to photography. His work does not represent […]