| New Work by Simone Haack

Pictures of our current exhibition “Hinterland”.
CV Simone Haack

Simone Haack. Hinterland.
13 May – 1 July, 2017
Opening Reception Friday, 12 May, 2017, 7 p.m.

In the exhibition “Hinterland“ we show paintings and drawings by Berlin based artist Simone Haack. A special, immediate tension arises when you take a closer look at the pictures. Ambivalent in their content and in part almost cheesy and absurd, the painting technique is nearly classical. Through the colors and brush strokes something creepy enters the confrontation between the figures and the viewer: a theatrical world which rejects a final interpretation. The motives between dream and vision still allow for a point of orientation through the concrete, realistic structure. The challenge that arises when the figures provoke a dialogue allows us to enter the “stage“ ourselves and start to discover the unfathomable. Although we believe that we can follow a narrative, it is the moment of irritation which makes the work of Simone Haack so intriguing. Intuitively, we want to engage more with those childlike, naive, absurdly independent figures, protect them even, or narrate their story further. At the same time, it becomes clear: those who enter the back country will not find all of the answers there.