NÄHE #3 – verführen

Closeness can quickly become too much, but it is never enough. We want more and more. We seduce and allow ourselves to be seduced to get closer and closer. The closeness should be anytime, anywhere and permanently. The border to the other should be overcome, it should fall, in favor of absolute closeness. Whether in the erotic encounter of lovers, the get-together of parents and child, the intimate closeness of siblings or best friends, we let ourselves be seduced by images of intimate closeness. We seldom realize that this seduction to closeness never hits the immediate feeling, but is always conveyed through the respective medium – unless through art.

Opening Reception 18 June, 2021, 7 p.m.

NÄHE (Closeness) exhibition series
Artists: Marcela Böhm, Andrea Božić & Julia Willms, John Coplans, EVA & ADELE, FLATZ, (e.)Twin Gabriel, Simone Haack, Franziska Nast, Annegret Soltau

Schedule: March until August, 2021
03/19/ – 05/02/2021 NÄHE #1 – berühren (touch)
05/07/ – 06/12/2021 NÄHE #2 – spüren (feel)
06/18/ – 08/28/2021 NÄHE #3 – verführen (seduce)

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NÄHE | berühren – spüren – verführen