Kunst 16 Zürich

At the already 22nd edition of established and lively Art fair Kunst Zurich we will show a variety of exciting works by Till Augustin, Marcela Böhm, Jürgen Paas, Dirk Salz and Armin Hartenstein. Following our succesfull group show “Positions” we will also have current works by Norbert Thomas, Ottmar Hörl and Anke Eilergerhaard. In addition there will be sculptures by reknown artist Pi Ledergerber on display in the “Statement Schweizer Kunst” section. The stone objects and sculptures are characterized by Ledergerber’s handling of their natural materiality and the connection of their form(s) into something new. We are looking forward to your visit and invite you to discover our diverse gallery program.

Kunst 16 Zurich, Booth A1
Oct. 27 – 30, 2016
ABB-Hall 550, Zurich-Oerlikon