Martin Schwenk – First Order Variants

The sculptures of Martin Schwenk refer to patterns from nature: straggling branches, roots and leaves merge with technical elements like pipes and tubes to build heterogenic hybrid forms which seem to come from a fictional parallel universe. Straggling and growth itself and its system of ordering become the subject of Schwenk’s sculpture. And this theme […]

Positions 3

We will show current works by five reknown artists. For the third time in our gallery the selection of the participants has been done by an artist of the gallery, this time Simone Haack, who herself had several exhibitions in our gallery: The gallery program extends temporarily, new artistic positions are to be discovered. Fig.: […]

Dirk Salz – Painting The Absolute

“Objektive sensory knowledge is not possible. The fact that works by Dirk Salz reflect this in the medium of painting turns out for the viewer, however, not to be the expression of despair over knowledge theory, but rather it awakens curiosity and a desire to discover and makes way for unexpected insights into the nature […]

Dieter Nuhr. Photographs.

Obrist Gallery is happy to announce the third solo exhibition by Dieter Nuhr. Since the recent exhibition two years ago Nuhr went on long-distance journeys for several times, and made his subtle discoveries in Moldavia, Georgia and Mexico among others, like the East German province. In big sized photographs Nuhr opens windows to a graceful […]