Armin Hartenstein – locus solus

With “locus solus”, Galerie Obrist is once again showing new works by the Berlin artist Armin Hartenstein. From May to June he will be presenting his diverse landscape interpretations.
The master student of Prof. Fritz Schwegler and Prof. Walter Nikkels at the Düsseldorf Art Academy explores the meaning of the newly invented place in his exhibition. As in his series of works “Mes Amis de Emmanuel Bove”, he is inspired by French literature of the 20th century. As in the cult novel “locus solus” by Raymond Roussel, Armin Hartenstein takes visitors to the exhibition on a wondrous walk through the room.
In earlier works, Hartenstein found ways to impressively bring the outside world into the interior. His series “Mes Amis de Emmanuel Bove” now includes more than 250 works, some of which are now on display. The small, abstract fragmentary islands made of found objects stand in contrast to the large-format calderas, which are carefully carved out of wooden panels in a clearly defined form and, with their empty center, form a supposed entrance into the interior of the earth.

Armin Hartenstein. locus solus.
Opening May 17, 2024, 7 p.m.
Exhibition duration: Until June 22, 2024