NÄHE #2 – spüren

How can you get close to yourself? Searching and longing to feel oneself frequently lead to trying to get under the skin. In the figurative and in the real sense. Tattoos and (self) harm pursue this goal, as do close-up photographs that come close to the surface of the body and show wrinkles, pimples and pores. The painting can turn the inside out through color and the line of the drawing creates a trace on the picture(skin) that let us feel – maybe even ourselves.

Opening Reception 7 May 2021, 12-22h (online 19h).

NÄHE (Closeness) exhibition series
Artists: Marcela Böhm, Andrea Božić & Julia Willms, John Coplans, EVA & ADELE, FLATZ, (e.)Twin Gabriel, Simone Haack, Franziska Nast, Annegret Soltau

Schedule: March until August, 2021
03/19/ – 05/02/2021 NÄHE #1 – berühren (touch)
05/07/ – 06/12/2021 NÄHE #2 – spüren (feel)
06/18/ – August, 2021 NÄHE #3 – verführen (seduce)

Book NÄHE (Kerber Verlag), release: 18 June 2021