Pictures of the exhibition Wundertüte 2011

Here some impressions of our exhibition Wundertüte 2011: Die Farbe Weiß / Die Farbe Schwarz. Currently about 100 Wundertüten are still available. More information… WUNDERTÜTE 2011 – Die Kunst in Tüten “The Colour White | The Colour Black” 12 November, 2011 – 14 January 2012

Opening Reception Wundertüte 2011

Yesterday this year’s edition of “Wundertüte – Die Kunst in Tüten” started with large audience. Martina Eßer of WDR-TV opened up the exhibition with a charming moderation, describing the experiences round the “Wundertüte” from her very personal point of view. On the part of the participating artists Mulheim painter and sculptorer talked about his personal […]

Online sale of Wundertuete 2011 has begun

Starting 1. November, online order of the 11th edition of “Wundertuete – Die Kunst in Tüten” is possible. “WUNDERTÜTE – Die Kunst in Tüten” is now existing for 11 years! – Over the course of the years more than 80 artists have participated in this art event, more than 4000 surprise bags were filled… […]