IMG_6126Caldera Korea
The shape of an “empty frame“ is spread out across the middle of the gallery. Through Armin Hartenstein’s “cutout“ a wide landscape in the form of an earthwork-like red-ocher framework comes into view. Now, a discourse between associative seeing (and thinking) about the morphology of landscape and images develops in the current exhibition in our gallery. The left part of the space is dominated by three large-scale works: “cutout“, “TQ“ and “Tondo“. On the right spans a sequence of image objects, reliefs, paintings, photography and drawings. Readable from left as well as right mainly current works connect with older ones to become an open “narrative form“. (Leit)-Motifs are, among others, the construction, structure and emergence of new image spaces from abstract surfaces as well as the grain of wood in its actual and figurative form.
CV Armin Hartenstein

Armin Hartenstein. cutout.
3 September - 1 October, 2016