Although he has given cinema successes such as "das Parfum" or "Krabat" a face, his name is usually only found in small print in the credits. Rainer Stock works for nationally and internationally renowned directors such as Roman Polanski, Tom Tykwer and Bully Herbig. As a storyboard draughtsman he designed the scene sequences and camera angles for the "Baader Meinhof complex" and "ghostwriter". Rainer Stock lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Essen. From 24 July, the exhibition "Gezeichnet, gepixelt, gedruckt" will offer the rare opportunity to view his works detached from the cinematic context and to admire not only their artistic quality but also the imaginative power of their author.

Gezeichnet, gepixelt, gedruckt.
Illustration art from Essen by Katrin Assmann , Martin Baltscheit, Gaby van Emmerich, Jamiri (Jan-Michael Richter), Helge Jepsen, Christian Schellewald und Rainer Stock.
Essen, GAM Galerie Obrist, 24.07.–28.08.2010
Exhibition opening on 23. 07. 2010, 7 p.m.

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