Armin Hartenstein

HIDDEN SUGARS HIDDEN FILES is the title of the central installation in the third solo show of Armin Hartenstein at Obrist Gallery. It is a very personal, partly autobiographical präsentation of his new works. Armin Hartenstein Hidden Sugars, Hidden Files. 12 October – 9 November, 2019 Opening Reception Friday, 11 October, 2019, 7 p.m.

Marcela Böhm. What Never Changes.

“That we togehter with the painter are left between dream and nightmare establishes the quality of her painting. The familiar becomes alien and treacherous, the everyday turns unfamiliar and threatening. …Read this way, Marcela Böhm’s painting is in its beauty as well as its abrupt, occasionally brutal disruption a continuous battle for security, for pictures […]

Jürgen Jansen – The Piano Has Been Drinking

We are looking forward to our second solo exhibition Jürgen Jansen at Obrist Gallery with a selectinon of current paintings. As the exhibition title announces: Jansen brings together the disparate in his work. This is true on the level of the used materials (oil and acrylic, resin and lacquer), but also on the level of […]