Julia Willms: Here And Now (2011)

The Picture

Julia Willms shows new works, including three audiovisual space installations, digital collages and drawings. In her work Willms continuously deals with the perception of space, and faces the viewer with irritations, which question his construction of reality.
Julia Willms (*1974 in Wilmhelmshaven) studied Media Art with Prof. Bernhard Leitner in Vienna. 2009 she was honoured with the START scholarship for Video and Media Art of the BMUKK, Austria. Willms participated in many international exhibitions, e.g.: solo exhibition at the "Weisses Haus", Vienna, 2008 | "Blickwechsel – Österreichische Fotografie Heute", Westlicht, Vienna, and House of Art, Brno, 2010 | "Virtually Real", Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds, UK, 2011| Acquisitions by the collection of the City of Vienna and the collection of Nouriel Roubini, New York. Find more information at willmsworks.net