Sweet Life (2006)

Marcela Boehm Anke Grams Angela Weber
July 14 - Aug. 16, 2006
SWEET LIFE - Marcela Böhm | Anke Grams | Angela Weber
Opening Reception: July 14, 2006, 7pm

Under the title "Sweet life" three young female artists will be shown for the first time in a collective exhibition, who each discuss the "sweet appearance" of our life's reality in very different ways.
As Marcela Böhm paints every day scenes in many anecdotic and ornamental details, Anke Grams discovers her subjects in old holiday pictures, which she uses in her fragmentary paintings, and finds completely new interpretations. Angela Weber arranges Barbies like stars or models in her photographies, and ironically criticises the artificialty of the world of ads and glamour.
Thus the exhibition's title "Sweet life" is ironic: The pictures do not proclaim, that life is sweet. The pictures talk about people's longing for a sweet life and its unfullfillable promises. So it is mostly melancholy, which is to be found in these pictures, and not pure optimism.

CV Marcela Böhm